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Gavin Morrison is a Consultant Otolaryngologist working within the National Health Service in Guy's, St. Thomas' and Evelina Hospitals in London.

He also treats private patients, with consulting rooms and secretarial office based at 73, Harley Street, London W1.

The 24th August 2010 edition of BBC Radio 4's Case Notes programme featured the Balance Clinic at Guy's Hospital, run by Gavin Morrison and Rahul Kanegaonkar.

Gavin Morrison was a major contributor to the programme, in which descriptions of the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of balance problems are supported by case study details.

The audio player above right features two excerpts based on Gavin Morrison's contribution to the programme.
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including a recently published paper.


Ear, nose and throat surgical practice

Gavin Morrison is happy to undertake the full range of general ear, nose, and throat conditions, treating them medically and surgically. He has sub-specialist interests and particular experience, however, in the following areas:

  • Paediatric otolaryngology – all children’s ear, nose, and throat difficulties, including glue ear, tonsils and adenoids, and hearing loss. He is highly specialised in treating complex airway problems in infants and children, and undertakes middle ear and mastoid operations and cochlear implantation.


  • Otology and neuro-otology – reconstructive middle ear surgery and mastoid surgery for ear infections and perforations, and a specialist interest in dizziness and Ménière’s disease.


  • Endoscopic sinus surgery and other medical and surgical treatments for nasal and sinus conditions.



NHS patients wishing to consult Gavin Morrison must be referred by a GP in the first instance.

See the Patients section of this web-site for information on how to make a private appointment.



Visitors wishing to see the slides from Gavin Morrison's recent research presentations may wish to note that these are accessible via the Professional Colleagues section of this web-site.



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